Curriculum Vitae

Marthinus Christoffel (Christo) du Plessis
Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo


Bachelor, Bachelor (Hons), cum laudeuplogo

  • Computer Engineering
  • University of Pretoria
  • Best software engineering project

Master of Engineering, cum laude

  • Computer Engineering
  • University of Pretoria
  • Thesis title: “Non-stationary signal classification for radar transmitter identification”
  • Supervisor: prof. J.C. Olivier

Doctor of EngineeringTitechLogo

  • Computer Science (Machine learning)
  • Thesis title: “Learning under Class-Balance Change:  Distribution Matching via Direct Divergence Estimation”
  • Supervisor: prof. M. Sugiyama

Work Experience

The University of Tokyo, Assistant Professor

  • 2014.4 – current
  • Research in machine learning
  • Implementation of algorithms in C/C++ and Python

The University of Tokyo, Post-doctoral researcher
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Post-doctoral researcher

  • 2013.4 – 2013.9 (Tokyo Inst. Tech), 2013.10 – 2013.3 (UTokyo)
  • Research in machine learning (several papers at ICML/NIPS)
  • Implementation of algorithms in C/C++ and Python

Skills and competencies

  • Strong mathematics and statistics foundation
  • Data visualization experience with a variety of packages (MATLAB, Matplotlib toolkit)
  • Skilled in data manipulation
  • Excellent knowledge of machine learning methods for high-dimensional dataset analysis (dimensionality reduction, feature selection, sparsity inducing regularization, etc…)
  • Experience in application of high-volume learning methods and development of new methods (see my online learning publications)
    In-depth knowledge of a wide variety of data analysis methods:

    • Cluster analysis (k-means, spectral clustering, etc…)
    • Classification (SVM, neural networks, logistic regression, boosted decision trees, etc…)
    • Regression analysis (least-squares, Huber loss, SVR, etc…)
    • Anomaly/outlier detection (1-class SVM, SVDD, PU learning)
  • Programming languages: Python (numpy/scipy, scikit), Matlab/Octave, C++
  • Databases: SQL (MySQL)